Earth Weave Craft Carpets of Wool and Hemp

earth weave wool hemp carpet photo
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I wasn't sure if we’d covered Earth Weave’s wool and hemp carpets, but I was wrong. Years ago, Kara had mentioned them in a nice little primer on finding solutions to toxic carpeting. What makes Earth Weave noteworthy is that they claim their Bio-Floor to be different to any other North American produced carpet.

Mostly because they are 100% biodegradable, meaning they are derived only of natural materials. The face fibre is naturally pigmented or coloured wool (no added dyes, fixatives or mordants), without any additional moth-proof or stain-guard treatments applied. The wool is tufted onto a backing crafted from hemp and cotton. This, in turn, is bound to the final backing sheet (jute) with a natural rubber adhesive. In keeping with the natural theme; Earth Weave, of Dalton, Georgia; also offer an underlay made from needle-punched (felted) wool. And when your carpet (or underlay padding) has passed its prime, the company suggest you avoid the dumpster and simply add it your garden as a weed barrier and mulch. Give it two or three season, they suggest, and it will have vanished, having added valuable nitrogen into the soil.

Available from the likes of Organic and Healthy.