Eagle Owl Delights Photographers by Landing on Their Heads

Why yes, I do like the view from here. By Richard Whitcombe/Shutterstock

An eagle owl with a propensity for perching on people's heads has brought international attention to the village of Noordeinde in the Netherlands. The video below shows one instance of the bird's strange behavior — landing on the head of a woman standing in a circle of photographers:

Photographer Menno Shaefer heard about the owl's behavior and headed to the area to see what happens when people stand around offering their heads as perches — or just happen to walk by with a head that looks like a good landing spot.

According to the Daily Mail, "The wild owl, which weighs around 6 lbs, spends an average of one minute perched on the head of innocent bystanders, before flying off looking for the next perch."

No one is exactly sure why this wild owl is so overly friendly with people, but Petapixel notes that some folks "believe the bird may have escaped from an aviary in a nearby town." Since wild owls don't normally seek out people as perches unless trained to do so, this seems like a plausible explanation.

No matter what, the impressive raptor is certainly making photographers smile, and it's providing the town with a fresh 15 minutes of fame.