Duck Walks on the Wild Side at Giant Water Drain

People gathered to watch as tons of water swirled into a large 200-foot drain in California's Lake Berryessa. It's a mesmerizing view.

Enter one lone brave duck that gets caught in the current.

The duck floats right into the ominous hole of water without any indication of stress. (Cue up Lou Reed's "Walk on the Wild Side.")

There's some debate between witnesses and experts on whether the duck survived — or ever had a chance — and the video doesn't answer the question.

But multiple people at the scene have come forward, saying the duck survived and shot out of the drain not long after the video ended.

The hole serves as a drain for excess rainwater, sending the excess to a pipe that spills out behind a dam.

We prefer to believe the witnesses on this one, and imagine this daredevil duck will live on for its next adventure.