Is the DryFlush "The Toilet That Will Change the World?"

©. Dryflush

Kristina Von Kroug and family live on a bus, so their choice of toilet is a major concern. They describe the one they chose in the Tiny House Blog as The toilet that will change the world. It is called the DryFlush, " a space-aged emerging technology perfect for our small bathroom space". They claim it is "a truly incredible invention that can solve so many problems for travelers, disadvantaged areas with poor plumbing and sanitary conditions, military units, off-grid homes, boaters, ice fishers, you name it!"

So how does this wonder work?

First you poop into what looks like a foil bag. Then you press a button and it twists, then sucks all the air out, then vacuum seals your deposit in the bottom of the toilet and feeds out more from the roll of foil. When the roll is used up, you seal it, its plastic rim and all the poop inside another bag and you take it to the dump.

Every time you “flush,” the “bowl” is collapsed and a twist is formed in the continuous feed of material above the waste, effectively wrapping it, and holding it sealed in the bottom of the container. This patented process of sealing off the waste in our barrier material ensures there is nothing to see and nothing to smell! Once the cycle is complete a new bowl is formed from the bagging material, and the Dry-Flush is ready to use again in less than 30 seconds!

In the FAQ, they ask, Is it legal to dump human waste in landfills?

Yes! All landfills accept human waste to accommodate baby and adult diapers. Standard regulations require that waste be contained in plastic bags.

Kristina notes that she has a "twinge of guilt for taking up landfill space". Really? just a twinge after taking your waste and shrink wrapping it in foil and plastic and entombing it in a landfill?

I totally understand how this toilet would be great on a small converted bus, or in a private jet. It is a very clever bit of design and engineering. But with all due respect, this is not the toilet that will change the world, except for the worse.

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