Dr. Reese Halter



Environment, Conservation, Nature


University of Melbourne


Dr. Reese Halter is an award-winning conservation scientist, broadcaster, and journalist. He has written nine books about nature and lectures worldwide about the environment.



Dr. Halter is a biologist and research scientist who has published numerous research articles in academic journals. He is an award-winning broadcaster who has hosted television nature documentaries on topics such as the honeybee crisis. He lectures on forest science, ecosystems, weather phenomenon, and global warming. He has given hundreds of presentations to schools and organizations throughout the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia.

Dr. Halter was a professor for four years at California Lutheran University. He wrote for MNN (now part of Treehugger) in 2010. He has also been featured regularly as an environmental expert on MSNBC and as a contributor for The Huffington Post. Dr. Halter has written books for children and adults about bees, nature, and the race to save the oceans including “Save Nature Now,” “Love! Nature,” “Shepherding the Sea: The Race to Save Our Oceans,” “The Incomparable Honeybee,” “Life, The Wonder of It All,” “The Insatiable Bark Beetle,” “Mysteries of the Redwood Forest with Bruni the Bear,” “Wild Weather,” and “Native Trees of British Columbia


  • 2017 Outstanding Service Award, Rotary Club of Westlake Village Sunrise, California
  • ​2015 Outstanding Achievement Award, MUSE School CA
  • 2014 Excellence in Conservation-in-Action Award, Sea Shepherd Australia
  • 2012 Outstanding Achievement Award, California Lutheran University
  • 2005 Conservation Medal Award, The Cahuilla Chapter of The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution
  • 2004 Humboldt State University President's Distinguished Service Award



Dr. Halter has a Ph.D. in eco-stress physiology from the University of Melbourne, Australia.  

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