Doormats: Use It, Don't Be It

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Doormats are just one of those things that one never thinks about, but always needs. You could say the same for flipflops, those universal shoes, worn world-wide and perfectly functional. Imagine a meeting of the two: a doormat made of left over, recycled flip flops. Surplus foam rubber from their production is used to create these colourful, and certainly durable doormats. Made by hand, using galvanized metal wire and less fodder for the landfills.

Or you could have a blue manhole cover (a statement on your apartment?) made from recycled truck tires. If you are more particular, there is one version available with N.Y.C sewer on it. Variations on the theme include a grey doormat looking like a barcode ( a statement on modern life?) or one that says " you are here" (an existential statement). :: re:modern