Survivalist Singles, a Dating Site for Those Expecting an Apocalypse

Dusty jars of preserved food in a basement

DIMUSE / Getty Images 

"Spend your remaining days with someone that shares your instinct to prepare and survive the end of the world as we know it," urges the Survivalist Dating Community page at "Don't use those generic dating sites that can't cater to your core trait. The Doomsday dating community is your place to connect, share and grow with similar people."

Just in time for the 2102 apocalypse or an environmental catastrophe, a viral pandemic or solar flares, an economic collapse or a megaquake--a number of dating sites are popping up to make matches between doomsayers looking for love.

Survivalist Singles was officially launched in 2010 and seduces solo survivalists with the tagline, "Don't face the future alone." According to CNN, membership has quadrupled to around 1,640 members from around 400 at the end of 2010. Members of the site have a wide range of doomsday beliefs, said Andrea Burke, a 45-year-old art teacher from Montana who took over the site from its previous owner. "Most will agree that something is brewing that may change life as we know it, whether it be a collapse of the economy, an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) or other natural or government disaster," Burke said.

For women preppers looking for the perfect Mr. Off-the-Grid, the site is a dating bonanza. As opposed to conventional dating sites like, which offers an even split between men and women, Burke's site has roughly two men for every woman.

For amateur and proper preppers alike, date-seeking survivalists can find soul mates with any number of skills. One member mentions his "extensive background with firearms for defense and hunting." And that he has an alternative water source, likes to go to thrift stores to find gadgets that don't use electricity, and cans venison so he'll have meat "if the grid goes down and there are no freezers."

And the best part--aside from the togetherness that a day of canning, foraging, and practicing firearms with your lover can bring? According to, "You no longer have to feel like you're wearing a tinfoil hat when talking to someone about your need to be prepared."