Don't Park Your Bike in the Bike Rack, It's Unprofessional

©. Bruno Glätsch from Pixabay

Molly Millar writes for Vancouver's wonderful bike magazine Momentum, but has a day job in a Cadillac Fairview office building in Vancouver. She parked her bike at a bike rack supplied by the developer, and came back to find a ticket on it. When she asked about it, she was told:

Hi Molly, We do like to encourage cycling to work and our tenants to think about being ‘green’ ... but we also need to maintain the professional image of the building. We don’t want to encourage all day parking of bikes throughout our plaza, which would deter from this [professional image].

Richard Masoner of Cycleicious notes that Cadillac Fairview makes a big deal about how green and sustainable they are. Their "green at work" program has a lovely mandate:

To establish a legacy of operational excellence founded on the principles of Environmental Protection, Energy Conservation and Efficiency, Preservation of Materials and Resources, Technological Innovation and Social Responsibility.

It should also be noted that CF is 100% owned by "303,000 active and retired teachers in Ontario.", many of which might be outraged that this is how their pension fund treats cyclists.

Perhaps this is a teachable moment for CF. Other tweeters have noted that there is bike parking inside the garage (for a monthly fee), but this seems incredibly silly; many would consider full bike racks to be the mark of a progressive building, rather than considering them "unprofessional".

Molly Millar via Cycleicious