Don't Let the Little Husky Fool You

Rosie the kitten now feels right at home with Lilo (far right) and her other husky friends. Lilothehusky/Facebook

When a husky-loving family discovered a tiny, sickly kitten, they weren't sure if the sweet little thing would make it through the night. They took their chances and introduced the kitty to Lilo, one of the most nurturing dogs in their pack.

"A little kitten update! Her name is Rosie. She has been with us for about 5 days. She almost did not make it through the first night... Even with round the clock care. She was lethargic and limp," the owners wrote on Instagram.

"So we decided to go out on a limb and let her cuddle extensively with Lilo. By some miracle, she started suckling on Lilo and Lilo went full 'mom mode'...Since then, Rosie's been getting much better and her eyes opened! It's probably safe to say Rosie has made it through the worse of it."

Since then, Rosie not only has bonded with her canine mom, but has become a full-fledged member of the pack, including huskies, Infinity and Miko.

The dogs and cat love to go to the park together. On Rosie's very first trip, her owner said, " She's so adventurous and confident, just like her mama!"

And like any good husky, Rosie likes to play in the snow with her pack. Watch Rosie venture out with her canine pals on her first snow day: