Don't Blink or You'll Miss This Super-Fast K-9 Police Dog

Did you see that? Don't look away! Oh, no, you missed it again! Really focus!

The blur you see is Jester, a K-9 officer with the El Cajon, California, police department. His human partner, the one just casually flicking that well-worn tennis ball in the air, is Officer Jordan Walker.

Jester, a Belgian Malinois, and Walker, a former Marine, have been working together since the end of 2015, and they've been pretty inseparable since.

"The dog has got a great personality, and so does Jordan," El Cajon Police Chief Jeff Davis told the San Diego Union-Tribune in May 2016. "It's like a match made in heaven. We really are happy with them together."

Jester isn't all fun and games, despite the funny costumes and adorable looks into the camera. As Walker wrote in a recent post, "Don't let the funny pics of Jester fool you, at the end of the day he's as tough as he is derpy."

And as fast, apparently.

Jester joined the El Cajon police department thanks in part to a grant from the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation. While the foundation works mostly with K-9 units in Pittsburgh, the home of Roethlisberger's NFL team, the Steelers, grants are also available to police departments in areas near where the Steelers play away games.