Dolphin 1, Paddleboarder 0

It requires a good sense of balance, but paddleboarding looks so worth it. You float across the sea with very little between you and the water. It's a serene feeling.

At least until a dolphin body-checks you.

Andrew Hill was paddleboarding in Gracetown, Australia, taking in the majesty of nature when he took a dolphin to the chest. A pod of dolphins rode a wave that Hill was paddling near, and one of those dolphins leaped into the air and knocked him off the paddleboard.

In an interview with 7 News Sydney, Hill said the dolphin "took me out quite well."

Hill also told 7 News Sydney that he believed the dolphins were herding fish.

Luckily, neither Hill or the dolphin were injured in the ocean collision, though Hill may think twice before going near a pod of hungry dolphins again.