Dogs Join in Singing 'Happy Birthday' for One Lucky Grandmother

If you had any doubts about dogs being the best, watch this unique birthday song performed for a grandmother in Little Elm, Texas.

The video above shows what took place after a woman decided to teach her three dogs how to sing "Happy Birthday" before calling grandmother on her big day.

"For my grandmother's birthday, my mother taught her dogs how to sing Happy Birthday," the caption given to ViralHog says. "My mother had all three dogs sit on the couch while she video chatted my grandmother and had the dogs sing. The results were hilarious."

As the song begins, the "grandpups" take their cue without any hesitation. They belt out various tones of howling, all while laying on a comfy leather couch.

There's even a brief glimpse of the grandmother cracking up on the other end of the video call as she watches the symphony of barks continue beyond her birthday tune.

The harmonious video has collected thousands of views across several social media channels. You never know, maybe with a little more practice, these pups could hit the big time.