Dog That Looks Like Steve Buscemi Seeks Forever Home

Do you see the resemblance? (Photo: Go Dog Safe Paws, Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images).

Research shows that people really do look like their dogs. And Steve Buscemi, we’ve got just the dog for you.Meet Ari, a 9-month-old beagle and pug mix with an underbite who’s currently awaiting adoption at Go Dog Safe Paws, a nonprofit rescue group.

Beth Lavigne, director of the rescue, took Ari from a Los Angeles County shelter because she feared the dog’s conspicuous underbite might prevent her from being adopted. However, she says Ari reminds her more of Grumpy Cat than Steve Buscemi.

Ari spend her nights with rescue volunteers and her days at Lavigne’s doggie day care, which is where Jezebel writer Natasha Vargas-Cooper spotted the unique dog and thrust her into the Internet spotlight.

“I have often seen pictures of Ari and thought, ‘Who is this creature with the face of an award-winning character actor in a cable prestige drama?’” she wrote.

Now the rescue group is inundated with calls and emails from people interested in adopting Ari, which Lavigne says has both upsides and downsides.

Before Ari’s Internet fame, she was the least-viewed dog on the rescue’s adoption site, so Lavigne is thrilled Ari is finally getting some attention. However, many of the people who have expressed interest in Ari aren’t eligible to adopt the pup because of their location.

Go Dog Safe Paws will only consider people who live in the Los Angeles area because the rescue always does a home check before allowing an animal to be adopted.

Ari weighs about 22 pounds and loves to play fetch, but the rescue cautions that she requires “reinforcement in the potty-training department.”

If you’re interested in giving Ari — or any of the other adoptable dogs at Go Dog Safe Paws — a forever home, you must first complete an adoption application.

Lavigne encourages those people outside L.A. who are interested in Ari to instead adopt a shelter dog in their area.