This Dog Loves to Study Her Owner's Artwork

Julia Powell, an artist based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts, has her fans and her critics, but her most engaged observer by far is her dog, Ella Fitzgerald.

Powell first noticed Ella staring at an unfinished painting in the studio back in May. Then she caught her staring at another painting the next day, this one outside (the video above). Since then, Powell has recorded Ella staring at many different paintings, going so far as to give the dog a range of options to see which ones engaged her the most. It seems Ella favors water-centered landscapes with lots of blues and greens. (Apparently, Ella gets so engaged that she doesn't even notice when Powell places glasses and a scarf on her.)

That doesn't mean Ella only likes water paintings.Birch trees also grab her attention.

The size of the canvas doesn't seem to make a difference, as this video demonstrates. Also, Ella prefers to not be disturbed while engaging with the art.

As to what draws Ella's attention so deeply, we can only guess. Perhaps she longs to spend time along the shores of a lake, walking along paths in the nearby forests and sniffing the fresh smells of nature. We should all be so touched by art.