Desperate Dog Needed Shelter From the Storm — And Ended Up Finding a Real Home

The dog may have been wandering for a month before showing up in a Florida suburb. amiawifeorasword/Imgur

Some dogs wander by mistake. Other dogs are dumped in an unknown neighborhood ahead of one of the biggest natural disasters America has ever seen.

Such was the case with this dog, who found herself in central Florida just days before Hurricane Irma rampaged through the state.

If ever a stranger needed shelter from a storm, it was this crumpled castaway. Fortunately, a user on Imgur who goes by "Amiawifeorasword" left a light on to lead the way.

"While I was out prepping our yard for big Irma badness here in central Florida I saw this sweetie across the street," she writes in a post. "I called to her like I would any dog and she cautiously walked over. Even looked both ways before crossing the street. She's a smart cookie."

Smart enough, it seems, to find just the right person at just the right time.

The dog, guessed to be under a year old, turned out to be ferociously hungry. "She went through three bowls of food and two cups of water before taking a breath."

Dog eating food on front porch
The dog ate three full bowls of food right away. amiawifeorasword/Imgur

And she wore her suffering on her sleeve — literally. Her skin was scuffed, her paws bleeding, her fur painfully matted. There was tar stuck to her backside.

Whatever the dog had gone through had left her with a healthy distrust of strangers. Still, she trotted through the open front door — and showed every sign of wanting to open her heart.

"She got pretty snuggly after being fed," the woman recalls. "As far as even putting her paw on my arm and dragging it back to her chest whenever I paused for a moment."

Then came the very necessary bath. (Noooo, bawled the strange dog!)

And the clippers. (Noooo!)

But, little by little, the woman put the newcomer at ease.

"Once she realized we were helping not hurting she stopped fighting us," she notes. "It must have felt so good to have those matts released from her pulling her skin."

Dog laying on couch with another smaller dog
It took a couple of tries to coax the dog into the bath tub. amiawifeorasword/Imgur

But aside from that cavernous belly, there was another big emptiness in this dog. Where did she come from? Did she have a home? A family?

According to her post, the woman took to social media and, after spreading word far and wide, she thought she had found the dog's original owners.

Apparently, they didn't want the dog any more. In fact, the dog appeared to have gone through several families before unceremoniously getting spit out along the side of the road. To fend for herself. In an entirely different city. A month ago.

Sure, some dogs do wander by mistake. But it seemed that there was a grand, if painful, design for this dog. The woman who finally found her knew that there would be no more wandering, scavenging, day-to-day scrounging for this dog.

She decided to keep her.

Named Amaterasu, or Amy for short, the dog with the "one floppy ear" has a permanent spot on the couch — as well as a paw, that seems just as permanently attached to her rescuer.

Dog snuggling woman on couch
Named Amaterasu — Amy for short — the dog seems to want to be in physical contact with her rescuer at all times. amiawifeorasword/Imgur

"She has to be touching me even in her sleep," the woman notes.

And no hurricane shall come between them.

"So here we sit," the woman adds. "Waiting out the storm and thanking the doggo gods for bringing us yet another source of happiness."

Dog on couch.
All cleaned up, Amy found a forever refuge with her new family. amiawifeorasword/Imgur