Dog Loves Cat Loves Rat in World-Changing Video (Maybe)

photo dog cat rat video greg pike
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Dogs don't like cats and cats don't like rats, right? Well, there's always an exception to the rule. And sometimes it's adorable (and creepy at the same time). Drew Harmon, "a comedian, writer and whatever else" from San Francisco has found something amazing—a dog with a cat on its back with a rat on the back of the cat. Whaddaya think of that?These three animals can occasionally be seen outside a haircut place. The animals' owner brings his three pets along with him, and leaves them on a bench outside while he gets a clip, according to Drew.

"They all lay on it in the same way ... dog first, the cat on top of the dog and the rat on top of the cat, all fast asleep while the guy gets his haircut," Drew reports.

"It's either a testament to the power of love, or proof there is no God."

Emily Heller, another comedian, points us to this YouTube video, of the animal trainer (???), a self-taught dog-cat-rat expert. His name is Greg Pike, originally from Telluride, Colorado. The animals are Booger, Kitty and Mousey.

Maybe we can all learn something from this weird friendship? All of God's creatures need to learn to get along.

"I make everybody happy and in return it makes me happy," Pike says. ".. They need to send me and the animals over to Iraq and entertain them and maybe that will change a few things."

Or is this just a dog with a cat on its back with a rat on the back of the cat? Greg is raising money to spread more interspecies love. Thanks Dr. Seuss.