Dog Jumps Into Muddy Pond, Refuses to Leave

Mud baths are great. They're just a perfect way to unwind and reduce stress. However, if you're a dog that goes for a muddy dip without getting the OK from your human companion, the same rules don't apply.

Such was the case for Toby. On a winter's walk with many other canine companions, Toby found a muddy pond and thought, "Why not! It's been a long week!" In he went, and up went his human companion's blood pressure.

Despite repeated pleas for Toby to get out of the mud hole, he seems perfectly and stubbornly content to stay there. Indeed, he actually seems determined to make sure every last bit of himself is covered in mud. He dives in deep, comes out, thinks about it, and dives back in — and all we hear is the changes in tone in the voice of his human companion.

But then Toby's human companion decides that asking and begging Toby to leave the mud isn't doing any good, and so she — and all the dogs that listen — start heading off, leaving Toby behind. At first, Toby seems fine with this arrangement, but his canine instincts eventually kick in and the muddy dog heads up the road.

Good decision, Toby. We suspect there's another sort of bath in your immediate future.