When Cat Won't Play, Dog Gives in to the Zoomies

Sometimes, a game just isn't working for you, and you want to play something else. Sometimes the best way to do that is to just start playing the game yourself and hope others get the memo.

That seems to be the thought process of this little dog. He and a cat engage in some polite stairwell roughhousing, with the cat getting a quick bop on the dog's head. The dog seems eager to play and then decides, "Wait, no! Let's play chase instead!" And off the little dog goes, running up and down the hallway at the speed of sound.

The cat, understandably, seems confused by this turn of events. She steps to the top of the stairs and watches her playmate zoom back and forth.

The dog is showing off its zoomies, a behavior the American Kennel Club says signals that the dog is ready to really play and let loose. So the dog's dashing routine is just a sign to the cat that it wants to have some fun ... but maybe in a space that's a little bit safer than the stairs.