When Dogs and Cats Interrupt Yoga

For some reason, pets find yoga incredibly appealing. fizkes/Shutterstock

Sure, there's the downward dog. And there's even the cat pose. But names aside, why is it that when you unfurl your yoga mat, your pets come running?

There are a lot of reasons your furry BFF might want to participate in your yoga routine. First, there's the simple idea of quality bonding time. Where you are, your dog (and sometimes cat) wants to be, too. Even if that means contorted positions on the floor.

Plus, that spongy mat is really appealing. It's soft and squishy and, for dogs especially, it has a tempting odor: you.

"You lay down on it, you sweat on it, you rub your body along it as you do cobra and upward dog," writes Lexi Pandell in Wired. "And, most likely, you don’t wipe it down after every single yoga session. For a dog, it is a smelly, hormone-drenched B.O. sponge. And, because they love you, they love your stank."

Cat rescue founder and blogger Pamela Merritt explains the appeal of yoga to feline practitioners, "What is it with cats and floor exercises? It’s pretty simple. We get down on the floor and we act like cats. No wonder we become so completely and utterly irresistible."

Here's a look at some yoga partners who made the practice a little more difficult, but definitely a lot more interesting. Like this dog, who really seems to know what he's doing.

Here, Nic Bello explains each of the yoga moves (in Italian) to his Chihuahua Pancho, who follows along.

This fitness instructor incorporates his cat Kodi into his yoga routine.

Just like the rest of your family, your pets want to encourage healthy behavior — so keep up the yoga!