Does Your Cat Miss You This Much When You Leave?

When I leave for about four or five days, my cat — after she's ventured out from under the bed and realizes it's me and not a caretaker — will not leave me alone. She'll need to be close to me at all times for about an hour. It's very sweet, and I appreciate the fact that we have this kind of a bond because I feel the same way — I need to be close to her for a little while after I've been away.

But now we have a new cat squad goal, and it's to miss each other as much as Pusic misses its human companion in this video.

The human is gone for 21 days, and while it may seem like Pusic is just being a cat while its companion is away, trust me, that is an especially sad kitty. So it's no surprise when, upon hearing the keys jangle and its companion walk in, Pusic is thrilled beyond meows. There's sniffing, licking and very polite nibbles from Pusic. The human is in for all of it and is ready to play some games.

Sniffle. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go hug my cat.