Do You Thank the Bus Driver?

Thanking bus drivers is easy to do and makes everyone around you feel good. (Photo: Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock)

Do you thank the driver when you get off the bus? If you do, then you pass what The Guardian calls a "character test." Maybe it's because driving a bus is unglamorous, but at the same time important — not only do drivers get us where we need to go, but it can be tough work, too. So, thanking them just feels good.

There are, of course, lots of jobs like this, from sanitation worker to hospital orderly — without them, our world wouldn't run very smoothly, but the people who do those jobs rarely get public displays of appreciation.

People are recognizing this idea and talking about it as the internet does — by creating fun new memes from the original concept and using images (see the compilation video below), that have been shared far and wide.

Some people were already thanking bus drivers, of course. But now that thanking is a topic of conversation, newspapers are reporting that in some places bus drivers are being inundated with extra "thank yous." That's pretty heartwarming!

This meme has been especially popular in Australia (where Instagrammer Brown Cardigan created the hashtag #justhankingthebusdriverthings and shared some of the best memes on the subject.)

Naturally, one of the results of this meme has been that Aussie actor Russell Crowe got involved:

But as memes do, this one has traveled the world, proving to be especially popular in Britain and Ireland.

Gratitude is good for you

Other feel-good memes that work like this are called wholesome memes, and there are plenty of them.

As the British bus driver DoubleDeckerAnton says in the video below, bus drivers have a lot of responsibilities — handling passengers, driving a large vehicle in often-crowded streets, checking mirrors, giving directions, keeping to a schedule. "Imagine if you got hundreds or even thousands of 'thank yous' every day - wow. It helps the driver to know he's doing a good job and he really appreciates his passengers."

So say thanks to the driver when you depart. As DoubleDeckerAnton says, "It means so much." And it's good for you too — expressing gratitude for things big and small is healthy for the giver, too.