Do You Live in an Organic Hot Spot?

Organic vegetables, like these radishes, are more popular than ever. (Photo: ilovebutter [CC BY-2.0]/Flickr)

Back in May, the New York Times published a map of organic farms in the United States. The map clearly shows there are clusters of organic farms in the Northeast, all along the West Coast, and in the states to the left of the Great Lakes (is there a term for this region?). Other regions have few organic farms.

The map is very interesting but so is one item that is written in the accompanying text.

Organic vegetables now account for 5 percent of all vegetable sales; organic dairies, which are the fastest-growing sector, now produce 1 percent of the nation's milk.

How quickly things change. This piece was written about three months ago, and since then organic dairy farming has taken a dive and the small organic dairy farms have been hit particularly hard.

Click here to read the NYT piece and then click on the map in the piece to see the large map of organic farms and several smaller maps indicating specific farms such as vegetable or dairy. You’ll also be able to tell if you live in an organic hot spot or not.