Do You Live in a City of Smiles?

The city looks very different when you are on foot than it does in the windshield view. Sometimes there are little things that can make someone walking by smile. Planner and consultant Brent Toderian has been collecting images that make him smile on Twitter.

For a while now, my messaging about better city-making has included sharing some favourite inspiring global examples of what I've been calling a "city of smiles." Can cities facilitate this kind of fun creativity? Can we at least get out of the way? It's an attitude, really!

He has collected many of them, and is collecting them on twitter under the tag #cityofsmiles.

I just added my own to the collection. After I took the picture just because I thought it made me smile, I learned that in fact the telephone box was turned into Domo, "a Japanese character often pasted into relevant or major scenes of disaster as the apparent cause for destruction. Domo’s usage is very similar to the more contemporary Disaster Girl. He has grown to become a pop culture icon."

My favorite is theelectrical service turned into a toothbrush up top, but there are some others that are really wonderful. Brent's contribution.

This one has an important message.

I love this sign. This is fun stuff but it is also important; cities and streets are for people, not just for cars, and they should be fun. Add your own with the hashtage #cityofsmiles