Do You Know How to Wash Your Clothes Properly?

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These graphics are helpful for deciphering wash instructions and dealing with stains.

How many times have you tossed a piece of clothing in the wash, only to find it ruined once it's out? Perhaps it got tangled up and torn, or a stubborn stain didn't come out and it's now unwearable. Only at that point do you realize what you should have done differently – or maybe you don't, and the problem repeats itself.

People damage an average of 10 items of clothing each year due to improper washing, according to Workwear Giant. This takes an environmental toll because it shortens the life span of clothing that we could otherwise wear for much longer, sends fabric to landfill, and creates demand for new products.

Learning how to wash clothes properly is a small yet effective step toward minimizing personal environmental damage – and it all starts with learning how to read those confusing symbols on a clothing label. The following graphic is worth printing out and posting on your laundry room wall:

how to read laundry care symbols

© Workwear Giant (used with permission)

Another valuable lesson lies in learning how to treat stains. I particularly like this chart because it doesn't just tell you to dump on chemical stain remover as a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead it offers solutions tailored to each type of stain, and they all come from common household products, which are even cheaper, more convenient and eco-friendly than conventional stain remover.

how to pre-treat stains

© Workwear Giant (used with permission)

There's a good chance you are part of the 87 percent of people who don't know how to wash their clothes properly, so take a few minutes to check out Workwear Giant's full laundry report here and help prolong the life of your clothing in the process. Your fashion sense, bank account, water bill, and the Earth will all thank you!