DIY Wind-Powered Water Pump Made From Bike Parts

wind pump photo
©. flyingpuppy

© flyingpuppy

We love DIY projects that get you thinking about what does and doesn't work in renewable energy. This DIY Wind-Powered Water Pump by flyingpuppy (who also created a chandelier we love) explores wind power and crafting something from used parts -- specifically, stuff dug out of the bike shop dumpster.

Here it is in action, with a description of how it was put together:

The instructable details how to put a similar pump together yourself, and the author notes the problems with the current design:

"This water pump is definitely in beta stage. All the components work, but the design is highly inefficient and requires considerable wind to pump water out of our pond. In the video below I act out the part of a gale to give you a visual of how the pump works. The last step in this instructable will discuss the bugs in the current design and how they can be improved for a more efficient use of wind power."

The instructable lists a few ideas for how to improve the efficiency, and also asks for feedback. Are you up for trying out this project and adding your improvements in the design? If you do, let us know about your project!