DIY Wedding Extreme: Couple Grows Everything for Their Wedding Feast

Once upon a time I put together a guide on how to green your wedding, and I even blogged about my own DIY-flavored eco-wedding. But my darling wife and I have been upstaged by Julia Davis and Andy McLeod of Maine. Not content with buying local food, the couple have decided to grow their own produce for the wedding feast. And I don't just mean a few lettuce and tomatoes. Julia and Andy are growing everything!According to the Portland Press Herald, the couple—who started their wedding garden with the help of friends on some loaned land—aren't even limiting themselves to vegetables. The couple plans to take delivery of a flock of chickens that will eventually end their lives as part of the celebrations:

"Some observers will invariably think they are crazy -- does a bride really need any more stress as her wedding day approaches? Others will admire the guts it takes to throw planting and weeding and watching the weather into the long mix of chores that have to be done before one of the most important days of your life."

It's pretty impressive stuff. But as a person currently struggling with a veggie garden designed to feed myself and my wife, I can't say I envy them.

Thanks Sarah for the tip!