Vermiponics Roundup: The Beauty of Worms in Hydroponic Gardens (Video)

Video screen capture. martysgarden

Vermiponics: hydroponic gardening, but with worms

We know the benefits of hydroponic gardening, aquaponics and vermicomposting, and how practices like these can help the home gardener grow more food efficiently. Vermiponics combines the best of the three in a self-sustaining mini-ecosystem, using the castings of red wriggler worms as fertilizer. The idea is that the cultivated plants and worms mutually benefit each other, much like the fish would in an aquaponic system. Compared to an aquaponic system though, worms in a vermiponic set-up requires less water and maintenance than fish would, making it an advantageous operation.

So if vermiponics is something you would like to try, then check out our mini-roundup of do-it-yourself vermiponics videos here, and feel free to suggest ideas or add your own vermiponics links in the comments below.

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