DIY Composting Toilets and Humanure: The Pee & Poop Show (Video)

diy humanure toilet photo
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It's been called creepy by some, but my obsession with pee and poop is not without good reason. (Hey, it got me on Lloyd's Valentine's Day list.) From peeing in public to the selective flush, how we deal with our bodily wastes on a Global scale has huge implications for our sustainability as a species. So how could I resist an online video titled the "pee and poop" show? What follows is a great example of urban compost toilets and humanure—and yes, you can safely fertilize edible plants with your waste!The video comes from Peak Moment TV—the same people who brought us shows on living simply as a new American Dream, safe and legal gray water recycling, and even a DIY solar home—so it's no surprise that it's a pretty comprehensive, in-depth look at the subject. The show features Laura Allen, whose urban Oakland home includes an edible garden, fruit trees, chickens, beehives, and a urine-separating humanure toilet.

The discussion is wide ranging, covering the practical, the historical, the legal, safety and cultural implications of recycling human waste. Sure, some will find the topic disgusting. Others will see it as yet more evidence that we greenies want to "go back to the dark ages". But as Laura says, defecating in fresh drinking water is just plain crazy. I for one salute those who are seeking alternatives.