10 DIY Tips for Making Your Bike the Ugliest on the Block (Camouflage Against Bike Thieves)

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It's a jungle out there. Whether you like it or not, high gas prices are forcing Americans to become TreeHuggers. That means more people are riding their bikes to school and work. Obviously where to park the bike when you get there is one question (inside or out?) and also what to wear when biking and what to change into once you arrive all sweaty at your destination.

While the new bike riders amongst us have their heads spinning with questions, one huge concern you might have are tips to prevent your bike from being stolen. Over on The Huffington Post a few weeks ago, we wrote a post that gave some tips for making your bike thief proof.

Of course when a thief really wants your bike, and it's vulnerable (i.e. parked outside the home, office or school), there are a few things you can do to make it less irresistible to thieves. But making your bike absolutely ugly is a great deterrent. Follow this recap of tips on how to DIY.

10 tips to "ugly" your bike:

1. Remove any flashy stickers or brand name labels from your bike.

2. Buy second hand so the bike already looks worn.

3. Repaint it with a cheap matte black or army green spray paint. Don't be modest with the paint. Over-spraying is a good thing. Not on the gears, chain, or brakes though.

4. Decorate it with ugly stickers, possibly a car air freshener, or fake animal fur.

5. Attach a milk crate or a rusty rack for carrying stuff.

6. Fake rust your bike with modern spray paint from the hardware store.

7. Tear a hole in your saddle (when it's raining cover with plastic bag).

8. Add some duct tape to the frame.

9. Consider adding some streamers or spokey dokeys.

10. Visit U-G-L-Y Your Bike, a great how-to guide that offers step-by-step tips to keep your "first class ride" from the hands of thieves.

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::Huffington Post (for more reasons why ugly is greener)