DIY Aquaponics: Building a Vortex Filter (Video)

diy vortex filters aquaponics photo
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From a video roundup of DIY aquaponics to an Aquaponics Made Easy DVD, we've explored plenty of resources for backyard enthusiasts of aquaponics—a term used for the symbiotic combination of hydroponics and fish farming. But, often, the process can still be pretty confusing if you don't have plumbing experience. Luckily, there are folks like The Urban Farming Guys who are ready and willing to share their experiences—and here they walk us through how to build a vortex filter which, they say, would cost US$4000 in a store, yet can be made for $100 with a little ingenuity.

Much like their previous how to video on how to build a DIY anaerobic digester for biogas production, these urban homesteaders—who abandoned suburbia with 20 families for inner city farming instead—are refreshingly down to earth in their instructional videos. Not only do they show you what parts go where, but they walk you through the trouble shooting they've had to do themselves.

I'd be lying if I said I was ready to take on my own aquaponics system just yet. (Hey, I have to figure out how to keep my tomatoes alive first!) But I am glad that there are folks like these who not only share their experience in DIY green tech—but do so in a way that makes sense for us less practically minded TreeHuggers out there.