DIY Aquaponics: A Video Roundup

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From our original post on aquaponics to our coverage of Milwaukee’s proposed Urban Aquaculture Center, the community focused Growing Power farm or Backyard Aquaponics Magazine, the concept of integrating fish farming with hydroponics in a mutually beneficial relationship has certainly caught our imaginations. Digging around some more online we are finding a thriving global community experimenting with this stuff. The above video from Aquaponic gives an excellent step-by-step overview of a homemade system that integrates carp and goldfish with lettuce, tomatoes, marigolds and jalapenos, and you can also click below the fold for a few more examples. (So far many of the simple systems we have found seem to start out with goldfish because of their hardiness, but many folks are also experimenting with edible species, which would obviously raise the food value of such systems considerably.)
Aquaponics Australia

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