Plants Can Reduce Crime, Prevent Zombie Attacks (Video)

crime scene tape in front of a bet of flowers
Benefits of plants on reducing crime.

Ramon Gonzalez /

The positive effects of gardens on property values are well-known. What most people may not know is the benefit of plants and gardens on reducing crime.

Instead of obsessively checking the EveryBlock (now Nestdoor) website for the latest occurrences of crime in your neighborhood, why not plant a garden?

Plants Reduce Crime

According to "hortistician" Marvin Miller, studies from both the U.S. and Japan show that planting plants can reduce crime by as much as 80%.

Whether you're looking at property crime, violent crime, or total crimes -- these benefits can’t be ignored. The video brought to my attention by Ellen Wells on Twitter was created by Grower Talks to promote America in Bloom's (AIB) Discover Plants Program. The program hopes to get us to look at plants differently. The professional organization wants to educate communities about the positive quality of life impact of plants and trees.

The group offers informative pdfs and PowerPoint presentations that will give you more ideas, and a better understanding of how you can make "pretty" plants work to enhance just about every aspect of your life.

Perhaps you’re one of those people that are more concerned with zombie attacks than with burglars. Well, plants can help you out there too, as explained by this video from Lancaster Farms on YouTube.