Dining Table With Built in Dishwasher Is Convenient, Saves Space

dining table dishwasher

images credit François de Martrin-Donos

Dishwashers are, I think, the most poorly thought out of appliances. In our house, if we wait for it to be full before we wash, we inevitably run out of spoons and espresso cups. I once had a client put in two of them so that they never had to be emptied, but were used as storage; the client loved it but spent a lot of time re-washing clean dishes. French designer François de Martrin-Donos, currently working in Shanghai, has addressed the problem and come up with a fascinating space-saving solution: the dishwasher is built into the pedestal of the table.

François de Martrin-Donos dishwasher table image

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The designer writes:

D.T is a futuristic project for Electrolux based on the ascertainment that growing populations living in concentrated areas dictate a need for greater space efficiency. The Idea is simply to combine a dishwasher and a kitchen table in only one furniture. The glass part of the table retransribes a tactical light interface while a magnetic system allows the dishes to rise up and down from the centre of the table.

At once, it stores the plates and flatware for four in a convenient location, eliminates the need for additional storage even keeps your plates hot. Smart moves from François de Martrin-Donos.