Deskbox Is a Minimalist Gem

The Arco minimalist deskbox.

Courtesy of Arco

Two years ago at ICFF, I fell in love with the Urbancase Ledge, a simple design for a wall mounted desk that hides your computer when you are done with it. Here is another approach to the same problem: The Deskbox by Yael Mer of Shay Alkalay of Raw-Edges Design Studio, and manufactured by ARCO of the Netherlands.

The design is actually based on the parallel mechanisms from old sewing boxes, which Arco used to manufacture. The designers describe it in Dezeen:

The Deskbox is a practical small table/cabinet that is hung onto a wall and it is ideal for settings where there is little space available for furniture. It is an elegant small work place, which is excellent for working on a laptop for instance, and it can be retracted to form a closed box, half the size of the table top.

Unlike the Ledge, which has a pullout desk surface, the Deskbox working surface is also the top of the unit when closed. This means you have to push your computer back into the unit before you can close, and you better not get any coffee rings on your desk because they will show in the closed unit. But it is a lovely design that looks good open and closed.