Designing a 4th Bin for E-Waste

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When it comes to throwing things out, we have a lot of bin options for sorting - trash, compost, paper, plastic, metals...but what about e-waste? e-Waste too often ends up in the trash bin because, while it really is easy to recycle it, it takes an extra step or two and, well, some folks are a touch lazy. So, a new design competition is underway to develop a logo that incorporates e-waste as "the 4th bin."

Valiant Technology is calling for entries in an international competition to design a logo and a collection bin for e-waste recycling.
The logo is intended as a public-domain design, similar to the familiar möbius strip on current paper/plastic/metal recycling bins. The 4th Bin is to be the means by which e-waste is responsibly collected.
Our intent is to see a clearly labeled 4th bin placed centrally in every building in New York City, and eventually all across the country.

Submissions for ideas will be taken from May 1, 2009, through July 19, 2009, with the winners announced this November. Judges include heavy hitters like Allan Chochinov of Core77, Susan S. Szenasy of Metropolis Magazine, and William Menking of The Architect’s Newspaper / Pratt Institute.
Your logo idea could have the potential to change the face of e-waste recycling. You game?