Designer Makes Fairytale Dress From Recycled Children's Books

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Photos: Ryan Novelline

Think children's books are only suitable for tots to read (or chew) on? Well, they've finally gone from cute to glam with Boston-based designer Ryan Novelline's gorgeous gown, made entirely from pages taken from discarded children's books. Check out how this fairytale dress was created from start to finish:


Fittingly enough, the 22,000 square-inch skirt uses illustrations culled from Golden Books' classic line of kids' books and is sewn with gold metallic thread. That's a lot of pages!


I've always loved the beautiful golden spines on Golden Books and apparently, Novelline feels the same, crafting the bodice completely out of golden book spines.


Though it isn't something you'd wear on a regular basis, this is still a sweet dress (even getting a nod from fashion bigwig Tommy Hilfiger) and shows that even a mundane item like a book can be re-imagined in a fresh way.