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It has been said that "success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan." Here is a real success.

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  • Coco-lamp-column.jpg

    Chista coconut lamps

    December 23, 3:02 AM by TreeHugger in Interior Design

    Coconut is normally associated with food but this tropical tree has many other applications. Its leaves and fronds are used for thatched roofs and its oil finds its way into many skin care products. Coconut fibre (coir) often ends up as high grade

  • factor_10_house.JPG

    Factor 10 House

    December 22, 1:37 PM by TreeHugger in Sustainable Product Design

    The Factor 10 House is so called because it reduces the environmental impact of the average American home by a factor of 10. The entire site, on a slender lot in Chicago, is permeable—pavers and other materials were chosen to help runoff, and the gr

  • bamboo side tables.jpg

    SkySide Bamboo End Tables

    December 22, 9:38 AM by TreeHugger in Eco-Friendly Furniture

    We recently brought you SkySide’s very nice light cube tables, now we’d like to introduce their bamboo end tables. Minimalist in both design and materials, the table, which an airy glass side, is simplicity and sustainability incarnate. Available

  • bentely vignette.jpg

    Bentley Prince Street Carpet Wins Calif. Eco-Award

    December 22, 9:21 AM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    Bentley Prince Street, manufacturer of both residential and commercial carpets (cool ones, too), recently became the recipient of California’s 2004 Governor's Environmental and Economic Leadership Award (GEELA) for the State of California. (That means

  • hobo-bag.jpg

    Vulcana Hobo

    December 22, 4:30 AM by TreeHugger in Sustainable Product Design

    "Why create products made from newly-created textiles when we have so much raw material taking up acres and acres of nature?" asks Robin Barsky Gilson of Vulcana. And it is a well considered question. Seems the US discards over 260 million used tyres

  • dyson-yellow.jpg

    Dyson vacuum cleaners really suck

    December 22, 3:52 AM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    When Dyson vacuum cleaners first appeared they looked way peculiar and cost a pretty packet. "Too expensive!" the pundits exclaimed (Didn't they say that about the Prius and iPod too?). Be that as it may, Dyson is the only other brand that has a

  • Basix-banner.jpg

    BASIX - Building Sustainability Index

    December 22, 2:55 AM by TreeHugger in Sustainable Product Design

    As of 1 July 2004, all new houses and dual occupancy residential buildings, in Sydney, Australia, must obtain a BASIX Certificate before their building development application will be processed by the local municipality. This is not a voluntary scheme,

  • maharam_alexander_girard_wallpaper.JPG

    Maharam Wallcoverings and Textiles

    December 21, 1:20 PM by TreeHugger in Interior Design

    Maharam's introduced a great set of classic Textiles of the 20th Century designed by such mid-century giants as Charles and Ray Eames, Verner Panton, and Arne Jacobsen. Unfortunately, most of the fabrics aren't particularly environmentally friendly.

  • glass-platter-1.jpg

    Recycled Glass Platters

    December 17, 10:46 AM by TreeHugger in Interior Design

    Yes, we did promise you more recycled glass products. We mentioned Green Glass recently, who make heaps of lovely glasses from reused bottles. To complement them you may wish to consider a glass platter, such as this one fashioned in Spain, with recycled

  • wallpaperinvite.jpg

    Solar-Powered Wallpaper

    December 17, 9:28 AM by TreeHugger in Interior Design

    Yet another bright idea from the innovative brainiacs at NYU. The Solar Powered Wallpaper project is smart lighting powered by the sun. By embedding electroluminescent materials into the design pattern of the wall paper and incorporating a built-in light

  • yippee shaw.jpg

    Shaw Carpet Renounces PVC

    December 16, 2:56 PM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    You may think of carpet as a cozy, harmless floorcovering, or you may not think about it all. But carpets can contain lots of nasty components, like icky glues, naughty fibers, and PVC backing. Now Shaw Carpet, a major player in the market, is taking

  • bambu_natural_utensils.JPG

    Bambu Natural Utensils

    December 16, 1:11 PM by TreeHugger in Kitchen Design

    No longer does your utensil drawer need to be a mish-mash of hand-me-down tools culled from across the decades. Heck, these ones look so good you wouldn’t have to hide them in a drawer. They’re stronger than wood, too, so you won’t be snapping the spoon

  • touch torch.gif

    Angus Noble Touch Torch

    December 16, 10:34 AM by TreeHugger in Interior Design

    Relying on mobile phone Lithium-ion battery technology and the latest high intensity LEDs, Angus Noble has produced a tiny, rechargeable light source that is controlled by a touch sensitive switch. Called the Indium, the light uses the natural

  • Loudermilk.jpg

    Linda Loudermilk's 'Luxury-Eco'

    December 16, 2:02 AM by TreeHugger in Sustainable Product Design

    According to Linda Loudermilk's press release, the U.S. and Canada spent "$85 million for organic fashions last year", with next year set to be even bigger. Which may explain why she is introducing a line called 'Luxury-Eco'. Hand tailored in

  • red ruler chair.jpg

    Recycled Red Ruler Chair

    December 15, 8:25 AM by TreeHugger in Eco-Friendly Furniture

    Believe it or not, there's quite a market for old-fashioned rulers out there (don't believe us? check out eBay) and artisan Dorothy Spencer clearly has been doing her research on it. She's collected enough of the elusive red ruler to put togther this

  • green home guide.gif

    GreenHomeGuide: Great Green Resource for DIYers

    December 15, 12:57 AM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    Here’s a great resource for any home-improvement projects you may be taking on. The GreenHomeGuide is a community-based resource for advice, inspiration, and information. Their sole intention, besides helping you, is to help the green wave catch on. And

  • ford_rouge_center.JPG

    Ford Rouge Center: World's Largest Living Roof

    December 14, 12:14 PM by TreeHugger in Sustainable Product Design

    There was a time when industrial and natural landscapes were in opposite corners of a pretty bloody boxing ring. Now that's all being changed. Ford hired sustainability guru William McDonough to redevelop the Rouge Center, where the F-150 is built,

  • hexons_small.JPG

    Pepper-mint Hexons Lighting

    December 14, 12:10 PM by TreeHugger in Interior Design

    Lighting isn’t usually something that allows for much creativity. There are some cool choices out there, but generally you pick it, you install it, you live with it. That’s why we like Hexons, which let you fiddle around until you’ve found the lamp shape


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