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  • teragen-bamboo-floor.jpg

    Teragen Bamboo Flooring, Panels and Veneer

    December 4, 1:08 AM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    Having begun a decade ago under the name Timbergrass, Teragren continue to manufacture competitively priced, sustainably harvested bamboo flooring and bamboo panels. Although a grass that can grow a foot (30.5cm) per day, bamboo has many of the qualities

  • galapagosfull.jpg

    Galapagos Table by Julian Lwin

    December 3, 12:54 PM by TreeHugger in Eco-Friendly Furniture

    We love, love, love Julian Lwin’s Galapagos table. Made from acrylic and skateboard wheels, the materials don’t make it so very TreeHugger, but the idea behind it—bringing nature indoors in a completely modern way—earns him an A. With wheatgrass growing

  • babmu ware.jpg

    Bambu Natural Lacquerware Bowls

    December 3, 9:21 AM by TreeHugger in Kitchen Design

    Made from organically grown bamboo, these multi-hued bowls marry modern design with traditional bamboo craftsmanship. The Bambu Lacquerware collection includes bowls, plates, and other tabletop items, each of which is hand-coiled and shaped, and finished

  • javalog.jpg

    Java Log

    December 3, 8:47 AM by TreeHugger in Interior Design

    Like so many people that live in cold places, Rod Sprules was entertaining himself one night by playing with fire. After compressing coffee grounds and candle wax together, he threw it in the fireplace and—voilá—Java Log was born. With about 25% more

  • disc_hub_book.JPG

    5inch Disc Hubs

    December 2, 3:07 PM by TreeHugger in Interior Design

    Blank CDs are dirt cheap, but jewel cases aren’t, so we always end up with loose discs rolling across the desk and gathering dust. 5inch’s hubs may not save cash, but they certainly beat standard CD cases in the design stakes. How could you get more

  • global_green.JPG

    Global Green's Greening Afforable Housing Initiative

    December 2, 2:28 PM by TreeHugger in Sustainable Product Design

    We just heard that Leonardo DiCaprio had joined up with Global Green, so we thought we'd check out the up-and-coming eco-charity. Global Green, the US arm of Green Cross International, works on projects like eliminating weapons of mass destruction,

  • paper-soap-holder.jpg

    Shetkastone soap holder

    December 2, 9:23 AM by TreeHugger in Bathroom Design

    When we were researching countertop materials for a recent Q&A; we stumbled upon Shetkastone. It would appear that it's made simply of specially formulated recycled paper. Of any sort. From office paper to waxed paper, glossy magazine paper and telephone

  • lwin_red_light.jpg

    Julian Lwin $250K Laundry Lamp

    December 2, 12:02 AM by TreeHugger in Interior Design

    Product designer Julian Lwin has taken laundry detergent containers and cleaned them up. Using a low-energy florescent tube, he's repurposed the bottles into art and lighting that casts an interesting glow. $250K (the name, not the price) is made from

  • knit_picture3.jpg

    Emiliano Godoy Biodegradable Knit Chair

    December 1, 1:52 PM by TreeHugger in Eco-Friendly Furniture

    Held together by rope, the Knit chair breaks apart into smaller elements when its fasteners wear out or become loose at the end of its life cycle. The individual components--FSC-certified aircraft plywood, cotton rope, and carnauba wax--can then be put

  • marmoleum living black.gif

    Marmoleum Flooring

    November 30, 11:55 PM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    Marmoleum floorcoverings, available in sheets or tiles, are made from natural flax, rosins, wood flour, and are backed with jute. They are warm and comfortable, 100% biodegradeable. Healthy to produce and install, they'll remain so during their useful

  • wastematch.JPG

    New York WasteMatch Materials Exchange

    November 30, 1:14 PM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    What to do with a massive pile of cardboard boxes you've got lying around at work? If you're in New York and the nearest child isn't interested in building a spaceship or fort, put your waste up on WasteMatch's materials exchange and someone

  • ukao-chair-detail2.jpg

    Ukao Bamboo 'Yolanda' Chair

    November 30, 1:17 AM by TreeHugger in Eco-Friendly Furniture

    No Chinese Pandas were harmed in the making of this chair. They don’t like this species of Bamboo. But we thought you might. Laminated into plysheets using an adhesive, with 6 times less offgasing than required by the strictest German standards (since

  • kwhytsa table lamp.jpg

    Kwytza Kraft Table Lamp

    November 29, 2:28 PM by TreeHugger in Interior Design

    Aesthetically, this lamp may be a wee bit un-Treehugger, but the idea behind it is spot-on. The whole concept behind Kwytza Kraft is to collect post-use, single-use chopsticks from restaurants in China (ew), thoroughly clean and sanitize them at

  • greenhouse_exterior.JPG

    Herman Miller GreenHouse Factory and Offices

    November 26, 4:40 PM by TreeHugger in Sustainable Product Design

    Herman Miller, manufacturer of the Mirra and Caper chairs, has the offices we'd die for. Natural light and fresh air flow through the building, designed by C2C coauthor William McDonough's firm. An open, central "Street" zips from one end of the

  • hemcore logo.gif

    Hemcore: Manufacturers of Hemp Fiber and Animal Bedding

    November 26, 3:20 PM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    Though some of you may be horse people, we know that TH is an unlikely place to find a blurb about animal bedding. Still, Hemcore is such an excellent example of how hemp can be used that we couldn't pass it up... Hemcore Horse Bedding is made from the

  • Unbathroom better.jpg

    William Hsu's UnBathroom Emergency Toilet

    November 25, 11:27 PM by TreeHugger in Bathroom Design

    When curators at London's Design Museum asked international designers to select a product that both cost less than £10 and represented good design, Cameron Sinclair, founder of Architecture for Humanity, didn't hestitate to throw the concept in the

  • springbrain.jpg

    Springbrain Customizable Office Systems

    November 25, 4:31 PM by TreeHugger in Interior Design

    The fine people at Springbrain know it's hard enough to get to yourself to work, let alone keep up your motivation once you're there, especially if you're stuck in a cookie-cutter-designed environment. And so they've designed workstation and office

  • agriboards.JPG

    Livingreen Agriboards made from Natural Fibers

    November 25, 10:08 AM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    Have a hankering for some green DIY? Try Livingreen’s agriboards. They’re made from natural fibers like wheat, sunflower seeds, or rice have a much richer texture than particle board, so you might even use them in areas where they’re visible. Though the


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