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Shipping container house in Brooklyn doesn't make sense, and I don't care

LOT-EK cuts up and assembles 21 shipping containers into a single family house. It's totally nuts.

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  • black_house.jpg

    Mole Architects' Black House is Green

    January 21, 8:46 AM by TreeHugger in Sustainable Product Design

    Could the Black House be some sort of anti-White House? Quite possibly, given the eco-friendliness of the former compared with the environmental record of the latter. Taking the local vernacular barn as a springboard, Meredith Bowles designed the Black

  • biolove-bike.jpg

    Biomega Biolove Bamboo bike (a B fest)!

    January 21, 3:09 AM by TreeHugger in Sustainable Product Design

    Get a little edgy around 'design-as-art', so forgive any trepidation we exhibit here, as all bicycles are good. You might recall a ceramic razor we referenced? Well, it was conceived by internationally renowned Welsh industrial designer, Ross

  • TFSR-in-Ghana.jpg

    Tools for Self Reliance

    January 21, 2:38 AM by TreeHugger in Interior Design

    Sometimes you can't find a way to improve on another's words. TSFR being a case in point. We therefore quote: "Have you ever wanted to bang a nail and didn't have a hammer? What did you do? Maybe you looked in the garden shed or popped down to the

  • freedom_tower.JPG

    Freedom Tower - Wind Power for New World Trade Center

    January 20, 11:15 AM by TreeHugger in Sustainable Product Design

    Literally volumes have already been written about the rebuilding of the World Trade Center (here's one such volume). We're not going to add our two cents to the lengthy discussion of how the "collaboration" between Daniel Libeskind and David

  • s4_concept_home.jpg

    S4 Concept Home

    January 19, 12:12 PM by TreeHugger in Modular Design

    • S – served spaces (living room,

  • ultraprod.jpg

    Bonded Logic Smart Insulation

    January 18, 1:09 PM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    Bonded Logic is a company that manufactures and markets a wide range of thermal and acoustical insulation products for multiple industries while maintaining health and safety features uncommon in other products. All of its products are not only

  • usedcomputers01.jpg

    InterConnection: Recycling Computers for Developing Countries

    January 18, 11:41 AM by TreeHugger in Sustainable Product Design

    Like eBay’s Rethink initiative, Ease-e-waste, and others, Seattle’s InterConnection program will take what you think of as your junky old electronics and see it to it that they’re recycled properly. As the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's

  • glidehouse.jpg

    Glidehouse: Clean & Green Prefab

    January 17, 10:35 AM by TreeHugger in Modular Design

    The Glidehouse is designed "to collaborate with nature." Built with eco-materials and made for solar, wind, or geothermal power, the "glide" in the prefab house's name refers to both the wall of sliding glass on one side of the building and

  • fiber-futures.jpg

    Fiber Futures

    January 17, 12:30 AM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    We've been waxing lyrical about hemp, banana and recycled paper etc, etc ... for sometime now. We plan to bring you plenty more stories about developments in the every exciting non-wood, 'alternative' and petroleum-free 'carbohydrate economy'.

  • Design-for-the-real-world.jpg

    Victor Papanek - a rebel with a cause

    January 15, 12:02 AM by TreeHugger in Sustainable Product Design

    Design for the Real World could be seen as a pretty provocative title for a book. That is, until you read the first sentence "There are professions more harmful than industrial design, but only a few of them." or this "... by creating whole species

  • banana-lamps.jpg

    The Banana Project

    January 14, 7:59 AM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    The other day I noted my fav beverage was a banana smoothie , so I do have a penchant for them. But these sweet, yellow, bendy things with their biodegradable packaging can be green, even when they are not ripe. To this end, a Japanese development

  • james_murphy_flight_deck.JPG

    Tables by James Murphy Design

    January 13, 10:50 AM by TreeHugger in Eco-Friendly Furniture

    James Murphy makes furniture out of woods like walnut and cherry. Nothing very sustainable about that, we hear you saying. Well, there’s more to the story: Jim’s wood supplier is a tree surgeon, which means that no trees were harmed in the making of this

  • toyota_potato-car.jpg

    Sweet! Potato Cars from Toyota

    January 13, 10:37 AM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    OK, maybe not whole cars but at least components of them, such as the floor mats and spare wheel cover in the Toyota Raum. Well to be truthful these are currently made from their Eco-Plastic, which seems to be derived from the starch of of renewable

  • royal_homes_q.JPG

    Royal Homes Q Prefab House

    January 11, 12:30 PM by TreeHugger in Modular Design

    One house isn’t enough for the many people dwelling in Michigan and Ontario who have a cottage Up North to retreat to. You know that a vacation home isn’t the most efficient use of resources, but you still want to get out of the smelly city for a

  • tridel_element.JPG

    Tridel Element Eco/Luxury Apartments

    January 11, 12:16 PM by TreeHugger in Sustainable Product Design

    Tridel, Canada's largest developer of condos, claims that it's 24-storey Element building in Toronto's Entertainment District offers "luxurious and environmentally friendly suites." To back up the claim, the suites are fitted with Energy Star

  • reigi kirei board.jpg

    Kirei Board

    January 11, 11:03 AM by TreeHugger in Green Architecture

    This sorghum board is a beautiful twist on a material that, while highly eco, can be rather blah. But Kirei is definitely more than hip than hippie. Through a process of washing, weaving, and then compressing bamboo-like stalks of sorghum into

  • erika hanson.jpg

    Erica Hanson's Objects for Walls

    January 11, 10:32 AM by TreeHugger in Interior Design

    Cast from post-consumer paper fiber, Erica Hanson's wall "pockets" can be seamlessly plastered into gypsum-board partitions, allowing users to create dreamy mood lighting, or interesting special gaps, and can even be adapted as optically

  • ecopower faucet.jpg

    Toto's EcoPower Auto-Sensor Faucet

    January 10, 1:15 PM by TreeHugger in Bathroom Design

    We’ve all used those auto-sensor faucets and toilets in public spaces from the Centre Pompidou to the Burger King off I-95, but just how well do some of them work? They certainly seem more hygienic than touching the same grubby fixtures that a million


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