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  • TH_062305_tiles.jpg

    Photocatalytic Tiles: Cleaner House Without The Chemicals

    June 24, 8:47 AM by Dominic Muren in Green Architecture

    Gambarelli, and Italian tile manufacturer, has created tiles coated with photoactive titanium dioxide ceramic particles. This coating, when struck by Ultra violet light from the sun, breaks atmospheric oxygen into free "active" oxygen radicals which

  • steel-can.jpg


    June 24, 8:12 AM by Warren McLaren in Sustainable Product Design

    When you look at the list of ingredients of a tin of pet food or baked beans you’ll be missing a part of the whole story — the can itself. To make a tonne (1,000 kg or 2,204 lbs) of steel, you need more than 1131 kg of iron ore, 633 kg of coal and 54 kg

  • pztobyhaddon.jpg

    Design Graduates 2005 — Much kneaded objects

    June 24, 8:00 AM by Petz Scholtus in Interior Design

    Do ever get fed up of the transience of your baked products? You know how you buy a loaf of bread and after a day or two its been eaten and then you gotta go buy another one! Even worse is the sandwich or donut which is gone in just a few minutes or

  • TH_greenbuildmain_062205.jpg

    Sticks and Stones: Northeast Natural Building Colloquium

    June 23, 8:37 AM by Dominic Muren in Sustainable Product Design

    Those of you looking to build a house, shed, or addition, but who might have been discouraged from green approaches like straw-bale and rammed earth, may have wished that there was a "This Old House" for you. Well, if you live in the Bath, New York

  • latex-mattress.jpg

    Natural Latex Bedding from North Star

    June 23, 4:43 AM by Warren McLaren in Interior Design

    While researching something entirely different, we came across a reference to ‘organic latex’ bedding and went Huh? We dug deeper. Our search for more information saw us wash up at North Star. They weren’t claiming organic latex but did offer one of the

  • harman.jpg

    PaxFan: An Effective Spiral Fan

    June 22, 10:48 AM by Justin Thomas in Interior Design

    A fine example of biomimicry, the PaxFan is an innovative, spiral fan created by Jay Harman, an Australian inventor. His domestic exhaust fan is half as noisy and three-quarters more efficient than the average fan. Sierra Magazine reports: Harman spent a

  • tanita-1155-scale-small.jpg

    Solar Powered Kitchen Scale by Tanita

    June 22, 8:34 AM by Justin Thomas in Kitchen Design

    Just when you think you've seen every solar powered gadget on the planet, along comes this solar kitchen scale by Tanita. Batteries are not required on these, since they operate under both natural and artificial light sources including incandescent,

  • Power House.jpg

    Power House- experiment with alternative energy

    June 22, 7:40 AM by Lloyd Alter in Modular Design

    Treehugger sooo wants one of these: A kit where you build a model house "with solar panels, windmill, greenhouse, and desalination system. You can build and operate an electric train, windmill, solar cooker, solar hot water tank, hygrometer, electric

  • HilWA92461L1w.JPG.jpg

    Hilton Vancouver Washington LEED Certification

    June 22, 7:30 AM by John Laumer in Sustainable Product Design

    The Hilton Vancouver, Washington integrates some of the most advanced environmentally-friendly features found in the hotel industry today. The hotel is currently registered with the U.S. Green Building Council and is scheduled to receive a LEED rating

  • FiredEarthShowr.jpg

    Oceanside Glasstile

    June 21, 7:25 AM by Tim McGee in Green Architecture

    It's not a competition or anything, but Oceanside Glasstile puts Terra Green, and Livingreen glass tiles in their place- holla. With a chart topping 85% recycled glass in 'some' of their products, they can claim king to the recycled glass pile. Their

  • TH_tomatomain_062005.jpg

    Tiffany Tomato: Some For You, Some By You

    June 20, 8:27 AM by Dominic Muren in Sustainable Product Design

    Tiffany Threadgould loves her garbage. So much so, that she is now soliciting donations of the following: Empty mini liquor bottles, Altoid tins, stale cereal, mini cereal boxes, old Halloween candy, and Tropicana juice lids. Why does she want it?

  • solisfaucet.jpg

    New Solar Power Faucet by Sloan Valve

    June 19, 9:47 AM by Justin Thomas in Bathroom Design

    A solar powered faucet? Apparently this faucet works with ambient light much like solar calculator. Called the "Solis", it has an integrated storage cell, which powers a electronic sensor to turn water on and off. It also has a 0.5 GPM aerator and

  • compact-fluo-01.jpg

    User Tips for Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs

    June 19, 3:40 AM by Christine Lepisto in Interior Design

    Alert Treehugger reader "Jordan" poses such a good question in comment to Friday's article on the benefits of compact fluorescent bulbs, that Treehugger is happy to answer here to help new and old users get the most out of their lighting. Thanks for

  • compact-fluo-01.jpg

    What About Mercury From Compact Fluorescents?

    June 17, 9:25 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Interior Design

    Many people, when they learn that compact fluorescent bulbs contain mercury vapor, get skeptical about the much talked-about benefits of these and assume that traditional incandescent light bulbs are less damaging to the environment despite requiring

  • oga-05.jpg

    Old-Growth Again - Forever Redwood Furniture

    June 17, 8:27 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Eco-Friendly Furniture

    Yes, some of this outdoor furniture is made from old growth wood – But wait! Don't go yet! There's a twist. They use logs that were left on the ground from when old growth forests were logged in the 1950s. They even harvest them with two horses named Ike

  • optical_catalyst_01.jpg


    June 17, 7:22 AM by John Laumer in Sustainable Product Design

    What king of expo would have a "Photo catalystic steel plate roof", where water [that] pours over sheet-iron coated with oxidized titanium, an optical catalyst, forms a thin film because of its diminished surface tension?The resulting accelerated

  • ecosmartfire.jpg

    The EcoSmart Fire

    June 16, 9:52 AM by Warren McLaren in Interior Design

    Sugarcane, potatoes, bananas, beetroot and even wheat, we are told all produce sugars, which can be fermented to produce alcohol. Just like good 'ole moonshine, in fact. "Denature" this (reduce its 100% alcohol status) and you can call it Ethanol,

  • hemp-towels.jpg

    Rawganique Organic Hemp Blend Towels

    June 16, 9:25 AM by Warren McLaren in Bathroom Design

    Rawganique have an obvious passion for their mission of bringing goods to a broad market, which have an environmental and social benefit. In particular, they're huge advocates of organic cotton and hemp. Recently they began selling what they call the


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