Design That Matters: Bike Powered Projector

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Design need not only be about style. It can also be about substance. It can be harnessed to improve the lives of all, not just the wealthy. 'Design that Matters' takes up this challenge. "Outreach, education, and innovation for sustainable development" is their byline. No idle claim either. Highlights of the student's designs include an LED based projector, for community literacy programs. The projector's batteries are recharged by bicycle power (not far from these and a pilot......program of 45 adult classes, will begin in Africa, during January 05. Other designs include a non-electric humidicrib for premature babies, devices for the treatment of cholera and a toy that teaches Cree indians their native language. Their design work has led to international awards, a business startup, patent applications, technology licensing agreements and student-run field testing of their prototypes in locations such as Mali, India and Costa Rica. One student from Sri Lanka commented "[I] have always wanted to use my engineering background to help alleviate the challenges that are faced by the developing world. DtM crystallized this goal for me." ::Design that Matters [by WM] Thanks to ::Gizmodo for the link to the human powered kitchen appliances.