43.6% of Denmark's Electricity Came From Wind Last Year

CC BY-SA 2.0. Nathan Siemers

And the number of turbines has actually decreased...

Denmark has long been a leader in wind power. And as the British grid celebrates its greenest year ever, Denmark can make a pretty astounding boast of its own: Wind energy accounted for a full 43.6% of electricity production last year.

And that's not all. As Renewables Now reports, the figure marks a doubling of wind energy production since 2001, while—thanks to larger turbines and increased efficiencies—the actual number of turbines has fallen 20% during that same period. The next goal is for Denmark to reach 50% wind energy by 2020.

Just as I stated with the news of UK's greenest year ever, headlines about greener grids are doubly good news for environmentalists. Because as cars, buses and maybe even planes begin electrifying, then a lower carbon grid will be doing double duty—cutting transportation emissions, too.

Meanwhile, not so far away in Norway, 52% of new car sales were plug-ins in December. Denmark has a long way to go before it reaches such numbers, but when it does, those cars will mostly be running on wind.