The Deliverator Electric Cargo Motorcycle Covers the Last Mile in Style

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It's a lot cleaner and greener than your usual delivery van and takes up a lot less space.

So much stuff is ordered online and delivered now, often in big gas-guzzling trucks that are parked in the bike lane or anywhere the drivers can find a spot. That's why this Deliverator is such an interesting idea. It is basically a three-wheeled motorcycle turned into a delivery van.

Deliverator front

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Designed to quickly, safely, and affordably get the goods where they need to go, the Deliverator will target 100 city miles of range, 75-mph top speed, 350-pound carrying capacity, and 20+ cubic feet of cargo space. The Deliverator will be more efficient by an order of magnitude than traditional delivery vans and trucks – with one quarter of the footprint. The Deliverator Cargo Cube can be customized to carry a wide array of products including parcels, pizza, perishable groceries, pharmaceuticals, drycleaning, and more pizza.

Deliverator Rear

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It is a lot cheaper than a new delivery van too, starting at at $19,900. President and founder, Mark Frohnmayer, says in a press release:

With the Deliverator, we set out to create a vehicle that would solve the problem of local and last-mile delivery, which has traditionally been dominated by big, expensive, polluting delivery trucks and vans that often block traffic and increase congestion in urban environments. The Deliverator’s nimble, small footprint can improve fulfillment and delivery times by allowing the operator to more easily move through traffic and find parking compared to a full-sized automobile.

There are some serious advantages to this over a regular van, including the fact that it is electric. But it is "a motorcycle-class vehicle" and has to stick to motorcycle rules, which means it cannot slip between cars or go in the bike lane or park on the sidewalk. It doesn't really move more easily through traffic – legally.

UPS e-bike delivery

© UPS (Pictured: Chairman & CEO David Abney)

It's like the difference between e-bikes and motorcycles. This is a very different vehicle than the UPS delivery e-bikes we have shown and subject to different rules. A truck-trike can carry 600 pound of freight in a pretty big box, but the Deliverator looks a lot more comfortable and protected with no pedalling.

I do hope they sell lots of these, and that they stay out of the bike lane.