Declare Your Love for Books on Library Shelfie Day

CC BY 1.0. Arenda Oomen

The NY Public Library has created a holiday specifically for the book freaks among us.

Collecting and coveting books may be at odds with the otherwise minimalist lifestyle we often promote on TreeHugger, but I for one can't quit my passion for the printed page. Books are my indulgence, and I know I'm not alone. Ever since 2014, the New York Public Library has been proving the point with Library Shelfie Day, held on the fourth Wednesday of January – offering book lovers a way to flaunt their collection of show their love for books.

The idea is to take a photo of your bookshelves, or you and your bookshelves, or a library's bookshelves, or you and a library's bookshelves – you get the idea – and post it on social media. I love this! Even despite the cutesy portmanteau of "shelfie," it's a fun way to give a shout-out to your treasured tomes and declare your affection. It's also a great way to promote the glorious institution of the library, one of the best sharing models known to humankind.

So take some photos, tag them with #LibraryShelfie and post them on social media ... here is some inspiration.

"I have come to believe that books have souls – why else would I be so reluctant to throw one away?” Susan Orlean, The Library Book