Dear Santa, Please Bring Me This Electric Café Racer

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©. Denzel/Pablo Baranoff Dorn

This lightweight electric motorcycle from Denzel promises quick, quiet, and clean transportation for under $5000.

A collaboration between China's East GEM, also known as Denzel, and Spanish designer Pablo Baranoff Dorn has resulted in a slick-looking electric motorcycle that bears some resemblance to a 125cc Honda motorbike, albeit one with café racer styling. The end product of that collaboration, imaginatively dubbed "Electric Cafe Race," will soon be available to buyers, with early birds able to claim one at a huge discount when they put down a 50% deposit.

Essential Design Plus Power

The Denzel electric motorcycle, in keeping with the origins and aesthetics of café racers, is a study in getting rid of nonessential components while still delivering power, safety, and a stylish exterior, and although Dorn doesn't have a background in motorcycle design, he took inspiration from existing café racer models. The bike, which was a ground-up design project, not a conversion or adaptation as many café racers are, benefited from the light electric vehicle experience of East GEM, as well as its production facility.

Denzel electric café racer

© Denzel/Pablo Baranoff Dorn

Two different, but similar, versions are planned, but both feature a mid-drive 7500W electric motor powered by a 72V 29 Ah Panasonic lithium-ion battery pack, which is said to be capable of a top speed of about 62 mph (100 kph) and a range per charge of almost 75 miles (120 km). An optional 35 Ah battery will bring the range per charge up to about 93 miles (150 km) for a few hundred dollars more. The bike weighs in at just 154 pounds (70 kg), which should result in a sporty ride with enough power for city riding, but it might be a little on the small and slow side for riding the highway.

E-Bike Pricing

According the East GEM website, the price for its electric café racer starts at $5000, but for those willing to put down half of that amount up front, the company will sell it for just $3000 (shipping is extra), with sales beginning on January 1, 2018. The bikes will come with 5-year warranties.

[Edit: Correction - Although the company website originally boasted its bike would have a full carbon fiber frame, the site text has now been changed to read "High tensile steel frame." The original text also stated the higher capacity battery pack would be a 35Ah version for $350 more, but that has also been changed to state that a 52Ah battery will be available for an extra $650, with a total range of 120km.]

h/t RideApart