How to Make a Dandelion Sing Like an Angel

Marva Weigelt demonstrates how to make music from a dandelion. Marva Weigelt (Facebook)/Shutova Elena (Shutterstock)

The grass is singing. And the sweet symphony of spring is upon us.

So why not grab a dandelion and join the horn section?

That’s just the kind of invitation musician Marva Weigelt extends with her short, infectious how-to on making music with a dandelion.

"Just in case something happens to me, I don’t want this to die out," the Kansas resident says in a video posted on Facebook. "Did you know that you can pick a dandelion, take the head off it and use it as a horn?"

(Sorry, dandelion, but sometimes, great art calls for great sacrifices.)

Weigelt — who, we should add, has a wonderful way with a ukulele — goes from A to BLEEEEEEEEE pretty quickly in this tutorial.

Just take that decapitated dandelion, press one end to your lips and startle friends and wildlife with the resulting bugle.

"Not all dandelions work," she cautions, spitting stem bits from her mouth. "You want one that's fairly stout and a little bit long."

Sure, it’s no "Amazing Grace." More "amazing grass," if you will.

But Weigelt’s homespun charm — her bright eyes and dimpled grin— make this a surprisingly sweet ode to the child-like delights of spring.