10 of the Cutest Puppy Videos on YouTube

PRECIOUS PUPS: These adorable dogs are taking a bite out of cat-dominated YouTube.

In honor of all things adorable, we've rounded up some of the most precious puppy videos on the Web.

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Bulldog stuck on his back

This poor little French bulldog is stuck on his back and tries to rock back and forth to regain his footing. (Don't worry, eventually he learns how to get back on his feet.)

Puppy's best feline friend

Meet the world's most patient cat.

Howling puppy

Cooper, an 8-week-old beagle, discovers he can howl, and with the prompting of his owner's 2-year-old son, he shows of his vocal talents.

Sleeping puppy

This little puppy is so tired that he fell asleep while drinking from his waterbowl. As his head dips into the water, he does manage to wake himself up — before promptly falling back asleep.

Puppy v. dandelion

As this puppy proves, you never know what kind of dangers lurk in the natural world. Watch this little guy take on a dandelion and come out on top.

Puppies v. cat

Who wins in a standoff of eight puppies versus one cat? The cat, of course.

Puppy gets his head stuck

Mr. Puff, a Siberian husky pup, proves that cats aren't the only curious creatures out there.

Corgi takes the stairs

Stairs can be pretty scary when you're a short-legged puppy. Watch Butterball the Pembroke Welch Corgi as he attempts to walk down stairs.

Seeing double

This fluffy pup sees himself in the mirror and thinks he's found a friend to play with. (Luckily, he has a tough head.)

Unwrap some puppies

If you ever have trouble getting into the Christmas spirit, just watch this video, which features four puppies bursting out of presents, frolicking under the tree and gnawing on wrapping paper.