10 Cute, Quirky Commercials Starring Cats

Photo: CravendaleTV/YouTube.

Advertisers have finally realized that cats are the key to commercial success. Whether they're promoting cat food or something completely non-kitty related, advertisers know that including a feline in the ad will make consumers sit up and take notice — and say "aww."

We've rounded up some of our favorite kitty commercials — from the downright weird to the laugh-out-loud funny — and shared them with you below.

'Cat Herders'

Electronic Data Systems, a business and technology services company, premiered its "Cat Herders" commercial, which features cowboys discussing what it's like to herd felines, during the 2000 Super Bowl. The Christian Science Monitor recently named the ad one of the top five greatest Super Bowl commercials ever, and the iconic ad has even outlasted EDS, which was absorbed by Hewlett-Packard in 2008.

Cats with thumbs

Cravendale, a British milk company, had a viral video on its hands when it released this commercial about cats with thumbs trying to get their paws on milk. The ad was such a hit that Cravendale released a follow-up ad in which the conniving kitties brainwash milkmen.

Only cats can be cats

These hilarious Whiskas commercials featuring men as cats aired in Canada from 2006 to 2008.

The sandbox

In this adorable ad, a newly adopted cat discusses his "embarrassing" adoptive family, which includes a young boy who plays outside in a "giant litterbox." The ad was part of The Shelter Pet Project's public service campaign.

Surprise dinner

During the 2005 Super Bowl, Ameriquest's "Surprise Dinner" ad, featuring a cat, a knife and spilled spaghetti sauce, stressed the mortgage company's message that it won't judge too quickly.

Norman the Eco-Warrior

This ad by the World Wildlife Fund stars Norman, a housecat working to protect the planet's oceans by promoting sustainable seafood.

Telecom kittens

Imagine a workspace filled with kittens that work on tiny laptops, attend meetings and purchase fish from the office vending machine. In 2011, French telecommunications company Bouygues Telecom brought this scenario to life in an adorable commercial.

Conference call

If you're a cat-loving telecommuter, this Whiskas ad serves as a reminder to always make sure the conference call is over before you break out the baby talk. Also, make sure your golfing buddy isn't around when you invite your cat on a picnic.

Skittles touch

This bizarre Skittles commercial confirms something we've always suspected: A fluffy cat licking your finger with its little pink tongue? Cute. A bearded men in a cat costume licking your finger? Not so cute.

Kitty Midnight Madness

The Winnipeg Humane Society had a "cat surplus" on its hands in 2011, so it created this hilarious used-car parody ad to encourage people to adopt shelter cats.

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