Cute Little Norwegian Sauna Was Designed and Built by Students

©. images courtesy of NTNU via Designboom

Designboom titles this post about a beautiful little project eldmølla sauna by NTNU students has a footprint of just five square meters which is a bit odd, given that is is a sauna, and 53 square feet isn’t a particularly unusual or small size for a box with a bench and a heater. But it is a particularly beautiful sauna, on a very beautiful site.


© images courtesy of NTNU via Designboom

Philip Stevens of Designboom explains without capital letters, as is their wont:

named ‘eldmølla’, the scheme was designed by students at NTNU (the norwegian university of science and technology), who were led by august schmidt, arnstein gilberg, and ina samdal. the course culminated in a two-week construction period where students, together with teachers and the client, were able to experience the challenges of ‘real-world’ building in a remote location.

Watching the video, one sees that the challenges are significant. Lots more photos and details on Designboom.

Salt Sauna


I did not know that saunas were a thing in Norway, but they not only have small ones but also the world’s largest, that’s part of the SALT festival, with a capacity of 120 people.

salt sauna

© Martin Losvik via Designboom

It’s also a demountable prefab that moves around with the festival. Designboom says that the design references traditional Norwegian fish racks. When it is not heated, it is used as a lecture hall. I rather like the idea of a lecture in a sauna, that would be a hot idea. More at SALT and Designboom.