Cute Cabin Is Made Out of Old Grain Silo

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©. Blue Earth Projects

From a surprising source (Garden and Gun?) we learn of Rehan and Josh Nana's conversion of an old rusty grain silo into a cabin on their family's ancestral farmland in Missouri. “The silo fits into the environment,” Rehan says. “And we liked the idea of repurposing something that would otherwise be left fallow.”

stair in silo

© Blue Earth Projects

Designer Kyle Davis of Blue Earth Projects describes the bin:

This project was crazy. A very memorable and successful experiment the whole way through. We had no idea what would happen to the bin when we started cutting it or if the huge sections we cut out would work being put on hinges to secure it when not in use. As it turned out everything worked just as we hoped.

© Blue Earth Projects

All the wood is sourced from a nearby fallen down barn; the staircase is made from old beams. Tin from the roof was used for the bathroom walls. The large window was made from six double glazed patio door blanks. It looks quite comfortable. More at Garden and Gun and Blue Earth Projects