Cute Bengal Kitty Fakes Sleeping to Nab Chicken

Pets can be sneaky when they're trying to steal food. Normally, it's just a quick snag and run, and they hope we don't notice them running off with a whole mouthful of French fries.

This Bengal kitty, however, has a whole different tactic in mind; he pretends to be adorably asleep and inches his way forward toward a chicken leg.

"Oh, don't mind me, I'm just stretching in the cutest, sleepiest manner possible. I'm totally not reaching for this chicken leg!"

But unfortunately for this precious kitten, his human companion is not fooled. She shoos hims away, reassuringly telling him that he will get to lick (not chew) the bones after she's done.

Someone just doesn't understand the concept of delayed gratification, however, and the kitty tries again. This time, the kitty seems to actually fall asleep instead of going for the not-so-subtle sleepy stretch gambit. But the little fella, perhaps because his eyes are almost closed, misjudges the room and goes for a bite even though his human companion is still right there.

It's a good try, but ultimately, it's futile. Back to the drawing board, little guy.